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This Place... in Omaha LogoBy The Ears Productions first web series is called This Place… in Omaha. This series spends a few minutes with the owner or manager of a local “destination” business, help letting them express what unique things their business brings to Omaha, tadalafil and how being in Omaha benefits their business. The series has highlighted restaurants, tadalafil music venues, theaters and a few shops. This series will continue to add new episodes as time allows, as it is produced without charge for the businesses profiled, and is one way By The Ears Productions tries to give back to the community.

Man vs. Tool - Pitting Man vs. Machine in new and interesting ways.Man vs. Tool is a monthly series we produce on behalf of ToolBarn.com. ToolBarn wanted  to engage their visitors in new and exciting ways, so we worked with them on a few video concepts and everyone involved fell in love with the idea of this series. Three episodes into the series, we have seen a circular saw compete against a 7th degree black belt, a runner race against two open reel tape measures and a battle to produce the best pumpkin carving pitting hand tools versus power tools. We work closely with the ToolBarn.com marketing staff to ensure that the video can tie in to items with seasonal demand and their ongoing email and pay-per-click campaigns where possible. The Man vs. Tool site also features some great articles on tools from a different perspective than your normal tool blog, though that content is created by the ToolBarn team in-house.

In addition to the series work, we have done commercials and informational videos for other businesses as well. Legend Comics, one of the shops we profiled in the This Place… in Omaha had us shoot a commercial for their comic book store which aired on October 31st, 2010 during the series premiere of the Walking Dead television show on the AMC network on Cox Cable in the Omaha market. Their Walking Dead themed commercial can be seen on YouTube.

Premier Garages of Council Bluffs, IA is a custom garage builder in the Omaha metro market who wanted to let their potential customers see the process of building a garage. The owner, Jeff, wanted to show the quality of the pre-built walls, how quickly the building could go up, and to show some custom features being installed on the site and how they can build a garage which complements the existing home. The Premier Garages video was shot on the job site in just a few hours as the crew worked on the garage.

In addition to these, you can see more of our work on the By The Ears Productions YouTube channel.

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