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Just a taste of HeroMinis.com

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Shawn and I have been busy, and we’ve launched a new website for one of our other guilty little pleasures… little plastic superheroes. We’re selling individual figures from the collectible miniature game HeroClix from WizKids Games. We’re going the extra mile compared to many other sites that do this. We are showing the full dial of the figure, making it easy to search by point costs, powers, teams and keywords. Plus we are putting up multiple photos of each figure, this is all a lot of work but hopefully it will mean something to the HeroClix community and our potential customers.

We’re officially launching on Friday with our stock of the last two sets of HeroClix, but you can feel free to see what we’ve got now. We’ll also be adding hundreds more figures from sets new and old. Stuff from Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, 2000AD, Image and others will make their way on to the site over the coming weeks.

If you too know the pleasure and pain of this plastic form of crack or you would like to, please check out HeroMinis.com.

Now, we will have some new video projects to talk about before too long… so don’t give up on us yet.

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